And so it begins…..

Sitting here, bleary eyed in front of the computer, ten shiny red nails and a crunchy quiff of a hair-do are the last remnants of what ended only a few hours ago. What a night. Six hours of dandies, cads and bounders, of leg-flailing flappers and coiffed pin-up ladies, of the most eccentrically mustachioed gentlemen and of the coyest Victorian beauties. The third Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball was a tip-top triumph and I can’t wait for number four.

Saturday 3rd December was only ever meant to be the date of a rather tame house meal – some good food, a lot of lounging on the sofa and maybe a dash of Trivial Pursuit. As happens with these things though, number’s quickly doubled as neighbours and friends got wind of free food. What started out as a small gathering suddenly became a bit of a party and this, combined with the fortuitous discovery of the Grand Anarcho Dandyist Ball, more gin than you can shake a bag of limes at and a LOT of excitement, resulted in  a rip-roaring success of a night. Golly, it was fun.

So this is how I start writing. A night of dashing gentlemen, of dancing with wild, Charleston abandon and of gazing at the most jaw-droppingly beautiful dresses from bygone eras has solidified my total infatuation with all things vintage and inspired the long-awaited blog that I have bandied around as an idea for yonks but that has always remained on the ‘To Do’ list. Here goes…

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One Response to And so it begins…..

  1. Dani Cervantes says:

    Hi Leah,
    Love the blog, and what a fun night that was! Hope the rationing’s going well.
    Dani x

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