All Glasses Great and Small

The Benny Goodman look is riding high at the minute. Particularly amongst architects, my optician tells me. Those perfectly neat round frames must make calculating the square footage of a floor plan that much easier or something marvellous like that.

I imagine psychiatrists might soon start adopting the round-rimmed look, too. Their inspiration will have been man of the moment, Michael Fassbender, who plays Carl Jung in the widely acclaimed film, ‘A Dangerous Method’. Their frames will be slightly smaller and more wiry than the architects’. Altogether more Victorian. A little pokey and liable to make ones eyes look too close together but if it helps to make them look anything like Fassbender, it’s no bad thing.

For those gentlemen keen to experience the glories of the round rim themselves, British designers Saville Row should be the first port of call. These purveyors of fine eyewear have been around since the 1920s. Their current collection offers a series of frames that have been taken straight from original 1950s moulds, making them extra-super-authentic.

And what for the ladies, I hear you ask? It’s cats-eyes and horned-rims a go-go thanks to Chanel and Tom Ford. That’s right, the upswept is  back. And by golly, it’s about time us poor bespectacled ladies had a bit of glamour to brighten up our short-sighted lives.

Make like Marilyn and opt for full frames.* Small, narrow frames will make you look spiky and aggressive – more maiden aunt than sexy secretary.

Eyewearbrands is a good site for ideas although try, try and try again in the shops before you buy. Mail ordering a pair of prescription glasses is all too easy. Returning a pair of prescription glasses is certainly not.

* To avoid looking like Dame Edna, diamanté should be avoided at all costs.

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2 Responses to All Glasses Great and Small

  1. I also hear diamante is really expensive to replace should it fall off…..

  2. cosmo sultana says:

    I’ve been looking for a diamante monocle for yonks. Now there’s glam for you!

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